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Compact car Wikipedia.
In 1973, the Energy Crisis started, which made small fuel efficient cars more desirable, and the North American driver began exchanging their large cars for the smaller, imported compacts that cost less to fill up and were inexpensive to maintain.
Collectible Cosmetic Compacts eBay.
The front has some foxing around the dial outer edges and the inside is missing its puff and the mirror has come detached and is in poor condition. I am sure a collector of compacts could fix this up nicely.
Compacts definition of compacts by The Free Dictionary.
View in context. As a nation we have made peace and war; as a nation we have vanquished our common enemies; as a nation we have formed alliances, and made treaties, and entered into various compacts and conventions with foreign states.
Compact-S Accountancy Bonaire en Curacao, uw accountant op Bonaire en Curacao.
Uw administratiekantoor op Bonaire en Curacao voor het verwerken van uw boekhouding en het verzorgen van al uw aangiften. Compact-S is uw administratie kantoor op Bonaire en Curacao. Wij verzorgen de administratie van allerhande soort bedrijven, van eenmanszaak tot NV of BV.
Makeup Compacts Estee Lauder.
Refill with Puff Small. Top Selling Shades. This shade/size will be in stock soon. Order now and you will be billed when the item ships. This shade/size: Coming Soon. This shade/size: Sold Out. Refill pan for Estée Lauder collectible compacts.
Compact cosmetics Wikipedia.
As make-up became more mainstream and women were increasingly active outside the home, compacts became more popular. British manufacturer Stratton began importing part-finished powder boxes from the US for assembly at its Birmingham plant in 1923 and by the 1930s it was creating them from scratch and producing half the compacts used by the UK cosmetics industry.
Compact Define Compact at Dictionary.com.
of a set having the property that in any collection of open sets whose union contains the given set there exists a finite number of open sets whose union contains the given set; having the property that every open cover has a finite subcover.
Compacts Estée Lauder Official Site.
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